Friday, March 27, 2009

Hello all-
I hope you all are well. My family and I have been battling colds, strep throat, and the like and I have been out of the loop for a while. I am sure all of you who are mothers understand - we are NOT ALLOWED to be sick....stuff still needs to get done, and it takes even longer to try and get well. The good news is that I am much better and the all is well in the Brown's Household.

In any case, while being sick, and not being able to sleep some nights, I was able to come up with some new creative projects that I want try out. They seem amazing in my mind....but....trying to bring it to life is a different thing...LOL! I will be posting pics of the finished projects so please stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by!
Kimba :-)

Monday, March 9, 2009

The COLORS of Spring!

Happy Monday all.....

This weekend went by soooo fast and here in NYC we had PURRRRFECT weather!! I can not wait for Spring & Summer....can you tell???....LOL! Today, the Ice Cream Truck drove thru my area and that is the CLEAR indicator that the warm weather is upon us!!!

I am posting some Notecards that I made that I plan to post on Esty. They came out much better than I expected. I used bright & cheery colors....and I hope that you enjoy them.

Thanks for stopping by!
Kimba :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

SPRING is HERE!!!! ......Yay!!!

Today, here in NYC it was a record high of 70 degrees!! Ahhhhh...what a glorious day it was today. The sun was perfect and there was a slight breeze....I took the kids to the park and we all had a great time. I guess you can tell that I am soooo looking forward to Spring & Summer. I hope that you all are enjoying your Saturday just as much as I am.

I am posting a card that I made as part of a Card Mingle Swap that I am in. I created this card in 5 minutes and I really like the way it came out. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by!

Kimba :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

TGIF - Yay!!!!

Hello all....

Happy TGIF!!! This week seemed sooooo long! I am so looking forward to the weekend. Tomorrow is expected to be 61 degrees here in NYC...and yes....the same NYC that had 6 inches of snow last week Monday.....go figure LOL!

This week, a dear friend of mine had a birthday and I made her a card. Here is what I came up with. Let me know what you think and thanks so much for stopping by!

Kimba :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Good Morning - HAPPY March

Hello all....

I know it's be a while since I last posted, but I get soooo busy w/my kids, work, etc...and before you know it, it's March. I am here in NYC and I am not sure what the weather is like where you are, but it is snowing like crazy here. We are expected to get 4-8 inches of snow....and my kids are praying for a snow day. Me, on the other hand.....not so much...LOL!!!!
On the cards that I have posted, I wanted to also quickly mention that I tried 2 different techniques that I want to share with you. First, on the "BE HAPPY" card w/the Tulip, what I used to color in the image was PRISMACOLOR Premier Colored Pencils. These pencils are AWESOME!! They allow you to blend the different shades of one particuliar color together - for example in the Green family you would have Apple Green & Grass Green. This is great b/c it gives you great dimension when coloring and blending. If you get an opportunity, stop by their website ( and check out their products as well as the tutorials on how to use them. This is a "must have" for every crafter.
The "THANK YOU" card with the image colored in is where I used my KIMBERLY Watercolor Pencils. This was SO much fun to do. The watercolor gives the image a softness. I love this look and most of all, it is very forgiving. I would so encourage you all to try you hand at these techniques. They are easy to do and you will just love the results.

In any case, I wanted to post these cards that I made. Enjoy the cards, and thanks so much for stopping by....