Friday, May 29, 2009

WINNER of Mystery Material Monday!!!

Good Morning everybody!!!

I am here to announce who the WINNER is of the Mystery Material Monday Challenge, but first, let me tell you what the material was. It was, IN FACT a TISSUE BOX that I used as the "pattern-paper" background. Great job in guessing! And now.....without further ado, the WINNER IS...........................
MARLENE W - Congratulations!

Marlene, please email me at w/your address so that I can get the note cards right out to you. Thanks everyone for playing. This was great fun! I think I am going to do this Mystery Material Monday Challenege once a month. I haven't figured out which Monday, but I will be sure to keep you posted.

Have a great Friday everyone!!!
Kimba :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

GO GREEN on Thursday!

Good morning..

It's raining pretty hard here in NYC but I think that these days are the best days to get things done - cleaning up your scrap space, organizing things, and being creative. I was able to create another GO GREEN card using recycled material. Today, on the card I use a Dunkin Donuts Coffee Sleeve. It's what the butterfly is on and I love the way it pops off the cardboard. As you can see, Dunkin Donuts is a place that I am at often...LOL!
Thanks so much for stopping by and continue to do your part in taking care of our Earth!

Kimba :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

GOING GREEN here in NYC!!!

Hey everybody...
I just couldn't resist. I love to plant flowers and this spring I am planting veggies...well tomatoes. I love them and I am excited to see how they turn out. If all goes well with them, then I will venture out to other veggies.

As you know, I live in NYC in an apartment, so I don't have a garden that I am sure you all may have, so, I have to make due with what I have. My terrace is pretty big. It allows me to put 6 window boxes along the railing, but I choose to have them along the floor so that when the flowers grow, they will fall over the railing. I am also growing Rosemary, Basil, & Curly Leaf Parsely and they are growing soooo well. Here are some pics of GREEN THUMB Kimba....LOL!'s all in line with GOING GREEN!
Thanks for stopping by!
This is ROSEMARY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
This is BASIL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
This is CURLY LEAF PARSLEY>>>>>>>>>>
This is one of my 6 Plant Boxes. I planted Marigolds, Impatients, and Petunias.>>

GO GREEN on Hump Day

Hey everyone,

It's Wednesday...only 2 more days til the start of the weekend and I need the weekend bad. I have so many projects that I need to complete and this weekend is the weekend to get them done!

In any case, I am posting another card that is a GO GREEN card. The stick along the left hand side of the card is an ice cream stick that my kids gave me. Remember, try and incorporate something that you have used in your projects. You'd be surprised at how creative you are...Good Luck! and GO GREEN!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Good morning....
I hope that you all had a great holiday w/family & friends.

This is the LAST Mystery Material Monday! I am posting the card and what you have to do is NAME WHAT AREA I USED THE MATERIAL and YOU MUST NAME WHAT YOU THINK THAT MATERIAL IS. The WINNER of this challenge will receive 8 MONOGRAMED NOTECARDS made by me! Good Luck and thanks for stopping by!

Kimba :)

Monday, May 25, 2009



In light of the holiday, the MYSTERY MATERIAL MONDAY will be posted tomorrow morning. I have a break between grilling and I thought that I would post a card that I created.

One of the things that I am really trying to do is be more Take care of the EARTH/GO GREEN conscious. I have watched so many shows this past week about how each of us can do our part. I know that in my household, my children have been really getting into recycling. Old T-shirts we have used as rags to wash our car and to clean up around the house. I throw them in the washer and re-use them. Any scraps of food we have, we have been giving them all to our neighbor who is creating their own compost. I have even switched out all my light bulbs to use the ones that help save energy. So, in light of that, I have become more aware of how I can use things that I come in contact with everyday and think of a creative way to incorporate them w/in my cards. Well, I am going to post one card that I think I was successful at. The brown embossed background is a BROWN PAPER BAG. I cut off the top of the bag, ran it thru my CuttleBug, used some distress ink to make the texture of the embossed image pop and VOILA!!!

Let me know what you think. Maybe this can be away for you to challenge yourself in thinking about how you can "recycle"and incorporate them in your cards and projects. I would love to hear and see them.

Thanks so much for stopping by and continue to enjoy this Memorial Day w/family & friends!
Kimba :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Good morning all-

This has been a great morning! My son Jackson is a senior in elementary school. He is in the 5th grade and will be graduating this June 5th. Today, he had his Senior Trip. The kids were picked up at the school in an Escallade Limousine. They were then taken to the Pier in Manhattan for a cruise around New York. All the kids looked great - all dressed up! I will post pics so that you can see. My baby boy is no longer a baby....Time really goes by so fast..LOL!!!

In any case....I know that you are anxiously awaiting who the winner is and what the MYSTERY MATERIAL was that I used. Drum Roll Please..............................

Now....some of you guess correctly that it was the corrugated cardboard but you did not state what the material was. Now, I know since last week we had no winner, I did not want to go this week w/no winner what I did was enter EVERYONE's NAME in the drawing to win!!!! I think that was a FAIR solution...don't you? It's Memorial Day weekend and what a great way to start it off with winning something...right? now....what we have all been waiting for. Without further ado........the WINNER of the Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad and Tool is............

CRYSTALS CARDS!!!! Congratulations Crystal! Please email me at and put in the subject line BLOG WINNER OF TIM HOLTZ's GOODIES and send me your address so that I can get this out to you.

Thanks everyone for participating in the challenge and always...for stopping by!
Kimba :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A CARD a DAY keeps me BLOGGING everyday!!! - WEDNESDAY

Happy HUMP DAY!!!
It is Wednesday and half the week is over and the beginning of a long weekend is not too far away! Here is my card for the day. It is the same color scheme as yesterday...I used the scraps....WASTE NOT, WANT NOT...LOL!

Thanks for stopping by!
Kimba :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

BRONX ZOO Field Trip w/Kennedy

Hello all-
Here are some of the pics that I took at the Bronx Zoo yesterday. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by! Kimba :)

A CARD a DAY keeps me BLOGGING everyday!!! - TUESDAY

Hello all...
I hope that you are enjoying your day so far. Here's my card for today! I used HeroArts Clear Design Monogram Alphabet stamps. I then stamped the words HELLO on yellow cardstock, added pop dots to the words and voila!
Thanks for stopping by!
Kimba :)

Monday, May 18, 2009


Good Morning all-
I hope that you all had a really nice weekend and that you were able to take some time and enjoy life. Today, my daughter has a school trip to the Bronx Zoo and believe it or not, I am very excited about going. I am taking my 2 year old and I know she is going to have a ball. The Bronx Zoo is one of the biggest zoos in the US. They have the Congo exhibition, the Butterfly House, and loads and loads of attractions. If you are interested, check out their website at

In any case, I got to get crackin' and get snacks, lunch, and the kids ready so I am going to be brief. Today is MYSTERY MATERIAL MONDAY. Just to go over the rules, you MUST STATE THE EXACT MATERIAL that I use and STATE where I use it on the card. Since we had no winner last week, I am going to double the prize. The WINNER of this weeks challenge will win a TIM HOLTZ DISTRESS INK PAD (last weeks prize) plus his DISTRESSING TOOL that can be used along with the ink pad. I will take pictures of both prizes and post to the blog later so that you can see what it is...

Well, that's it. GOOD LUCK and have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!
Kimba :)

Friday, May 15, 2009


Hi all,

I hear to announce what the MYSTERY MATERIAL was on the card that I posted at the beginning of the week. The material was PAPER TOWEL. I saturated the paper towel w/ink on both sides. Next, I covered the entire towel w/clear embossing powder and then heat set it. It created a "faux snake skin" look. I punched the flowers out and attached a pearl and voila, instant mystery material!

So, alot of you guess correctly that the flowers were the embellishment that was the 'mystery', but the material was not guessed. But, never fear....I have a great solution. Since all of you gave great guesses, I am going to give 2 prizes in stead of 1 next Mystery Material Monday. I am going to make the 2nd prize something that will make your mouth be ready and make sure you come back.

Thanks so much for participating. you all rock! Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.
Kimba :)

HeroArts Stamp Card & TGIF!!!!

Happy Friday all....
It's the start of the weekend and I love, love, love Fridays. Today I have lots to do. My son has his Music Concert today and he plays the violin, and so I had some last minute things to get done before going to the concert.

So, here's my card for today. Believe it or not, but the CuttleBug circle I used was a scrap piece. It was cut from a larger piece of 12x12 and this circle was the unused portion. I decided to use it - WASTE NOT WANT NOT. I like the way it came out. I used pop dots on the actual circle, so it is raised above the front of the card. The stamped image is a Hero Arts stamp CL142 - Thank You Messages.

Here is a gentle reminder. You have until 10am to REPOST your answers to the MONDAY Mystery make sure you get that done. I will post the WINNER this afternoon around 3pm. GOOD LUCK and have a great day and a FABULOUS weekend!!!

Thanks for stopping by!
Kimba :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Good morning!!

Here's a card that I made. I found this stamp at Michaels for $1 and I had to have it!!! I made this card and I love the way it came out.
Thanks for stopping by!
Kimba :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Hello ladies...

I read all your answers to the challenge, but some of you did not NAME the material I used. For example...the Material you used is CLAY and you used it on the BOARDER. Some of you did not name the material. Please....go back and repost the answer. I will extend the challenenge until Friday 10am. and I will announce the winner by 3pm. I just want to make sure you all have a chance to win!

I will be posting cards later this evening, so please stop back.
Kimba :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Good Morning all...
I hope that all of you had a relaxing and enjoyable Mother's Day and that you were made to feel wonderful on your day!!! I got breakfast in bed made - French Toast and juice - made by my 3 kids and hubby! Then I was showered w/cards and gifts. I also got to sleep in late which was an awesome treat!!

So, now I have a treat for you. Here is the Mystery Material Monday card. You all know the rules. You can only post ONE ANSWER PER PERSON. You have to state what the mystery material is and where it is on the card. You have until Tuesday evening 10:59pm to post your answer. Now, for the prize. The winner of this Mystery Material Monday will win a TIM HOLTZ's Distress Ink Pad.

Have a great day all and thanks so much for stopping by!
Kimba :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

TGIF - Yay!!!! - HeroArts Stamp Card

Happy TGIF!!!
It's the weekend - YAY!!! Here in NYC it was a sunny w/a nice breeze - 77 degrees....FANTASTIC weather to start off the Mother's Day weekend. I hope that Sunday is just as Fabulous

To honor this sun shiny day, I made a card that I feel is just that.

I want to wish all the mother's, aunts, sisters, grandmothers, caretakers a VERY HAPPY MONTHER's DAY!!! Enjoy it to the fulliest! The next time I will see you all is on Monday. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!

Kimba :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Good morning friends...
Here is my card for today. It will ge given as a Mother's Day card. I stamped the sentiment inside. I usually don't gravitate toward pastel colors, but I think it came out nice. Thanks so much for stopping by. Kimba :)
PS - I stamp just the flower image and cut it out, and adhered it using pop-dots to add dimension.


Good morning...
Happy HUMP Day!!! Only 2 more days til TGIF!!!!

Well....I know what you wanna know. The answer to the Mystery Material Monday Challenge.

Answer: TWIST TIE on the top of the scallop tag!!!

Everyone who posted a comment answered correctly, so give yourselves a hand!!!! Great job at guessing! Next time I am going to make it a little bit more tricky for you to find b/c you all are good...real good! I hope that using the twist tie gave you some ideas on how you can use it on your cards and LO's. Here's another tip...try painting them to co-ordinate w/your LO pages, Cards and other projects.

Now...without further ado. The WINNER of the VERSAMARK Watermark INK PAD is.................................DRUM ROLL PLEASE......................................
............................JANICE!!!! Janice, congratulations!!! Please email me at and put in the subject line VERSAMARK INK PAD WINNER, and include your address so I can get this out to you ASAP!!!

I want to thank all of you who posted a comment and participated. I want to thank all of you who just stopped by to take a look. I will be posting a card later this morning, so make sure you come back and check it out!!! See you next Monday for the next MYSTERY MATERIAL!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Scrapbook Layout - Time sure flies...

Good morning all....
I am up listening to the rain fall trying to go to sleep. My oldest child - Jackson - will be going on his senior trip in two weeks(he's in the sth grade). He asked me to order an outfit HE picked out from Macy's for him to wear. I can not believe how time flies. I just came across this LO that I had did of him when he was 2 years old. He looks exactly the same, except a little taller....and the best thing is that he still has those "kissable pillow cheeks"....LOL!!! Enjoy your kids & loved ones while you can, b/c time sure flies when your havin' fun!

PS - Click on the LO and it will enlarge and you can see those cheeks I'm talking about!

CHANGING BLOG template - What do ya'll think???

Hello all....
This is just a little something that I wanted to share w/my crafting buddies. I have been looking at my blog and going BLOG HOPPIN' and I can across a survey where people voted on wether they preferred LIGHT Blogs Background vs. DARK Blogs and folks like the lighter background best.

I would love for you all to weigh in and let me know what you prefer and why.
So, in light of this survey, I have decided that I am going to change my background and I want to know which background you like best and if I should KEEP IT LIGHT or KEEP IT DARK.

Thanks for stopping by!
Kimba :)


Happy Cinco De Mayo......

I am so excited to be able to show you this card that I made. My style of cards tend to be clean, symetrical, simple cards. Distressing & Collage looking cards are a challenge for me and as you know...I love a good challenge. As you also know, I love color. My favorite color is Orange and I love black too b/c everyone looks good in black! Bright and bold colors that is what I love....and this card I think shows this.

BTW....I am lovin' all the guess you all are making!!! Remember....the contest closes TONIGHT - at 10:59pm get your guesses in ASAP!!! I hope that you are having fun and enjoy your day!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Kimba :)

Monday, May 4, 2009


Happy Monday All-

THIS has been an eventful morning. I was dropping off the kids to school and as I was pulling into the front to let them out, my daughter Kennedy said, "Holy cow...look at all that smoke from outside." and as I turned to see, I realized that it was coming from Stella (the name I have for my car). When I tell you it was was smoking. So much so, I was unable to drive it for 30 minutes. Long story short, my hubby came to meet me, we switched cars and now Stella is at the mechanics...gosh...I hope it is not anything major.
Now b/c of my car trouble it delayed me from posting the Mystery Card...but the original card I made, I could not find.....sooooo I had to make another one real SORRY for the delay.
Here is the card and you know the drill. ONLY ONE ANSWER PER PERSON. You must name the "unconventional material" and WHERE it is used on the card. All of the people who give the RIGHT answer will be placed in the random drawing to win............................. a NEW VERSAMARK Watermark Stamp Pad.....think of all the great things you could with that...huh? You have until Tuesday at 10:59pm EST to post your answers. I will announce the winner on Wednesday and ship the pad out on Thursday. Good Luck and thanks for stopping by!

Kimba :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Happy Saturday....
I am so sorry about not posting a card like promised, but here in NYC, we were having some really bad much so that it cut off my internet, so I was not able to get online. In any case, here is one of the 6 cards that I made. I am going to post one now. I am charging my camera so that I can take pics of the others. I know...I know... electronically I am all jacked up..LOL!!!

I hope you like it! Leave a comment and let me know.

Thanks for stopping by!
Kimba :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Guess-What-it-Is CHALLENGE WINNER!!!!

Good morning All....

I first want to say......THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to stop by my blog and enter for your chance to win in the challenge. I also want to say that this was SOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!! I was so excited to check my blog during the course of the day to see that guesses that you all made, and let me be the first to guys are REALLY GOOD!!!! I just knew that I had done a good job in hiding the material, but some of you were like Benson & Stabler from LAW & figured it out!....LOL.

This was so much fun for me....and I hope it was for you too, that I have decided to incorporate this into my blog for the MONTH OF MAY. What do you all think? Do you think that this is a good idea? I think so and if you continue to follow you too may be a luck winner. Here's what I'm gonna do. Every Monday, I am going to upload a card and use an "unconventional" material hidden on the card and your job is to name that material. Now...I must give credit where credit is due. My cute-as-a-Button 10 year old so Jackson came up with the name. It's gonna be call MYSTERY MATERIAL MONDAY's. Is that a cool name or what? So, let's give a round of applause to my Jack for this awesome suggestion!!!!

So....I know that you all have been anxiously awaiting the answer of the MYSTERY MATERIAL. Well it was........................................... SANDPAPER..............................I used the sandpaper as the scallop edge and inked it with Tim Holtz Distress Ink.

Now.....without further ado.....the WINNER of our TIM HOLTZ DESIGN RULER IS....................................................

HEATHER in FL!!! CONGRATS!!! Heather, please email me at, put in the subject line DESIGN RULER WINNER and send me your address so that I can get this out to you.

Well...I am tired....LOL....this was great fun! I do want to thank you all again for participating in the challenge as well as if you just stopped by to look. THANK YOU! Please continue to stop by and visit. Let this blog be your afternoon snack, your breather for the day, or the I-can't-get-to-sleep-yet blog. Later this afternoon I will post a Mother's Day Card that I made and I hope that it will inspire you to get crafty!