Thursday, May 28, 2009

GO GREEN on Thursday!

Good morning..

It's raining pretty hard here in NYC but I think that these days are the best days to get things done - cleaning up your scrap space, organizing things, and being creative. I was able to create another GO GREEN card using recycled material. Today, on the card I use a Dunkin Donuts Coffee Sleeve. It's what the butterfly is on and I love the way it pops off the cardboard. As you can see, Dunkin Donuts is a place that I am at often...LOL!
Thanks so much for stopping by and continue to do your part in taking care of our Earth!

Kimba :)

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Christina B. said...

you know...I have one of the "sleeves" I carry in my book bag for school...College...that i how i recycle mine. I used to get a new one everytime I got a hot chocolate or something...but i thought..WOW I can just reuse it. I have one in my car too in case I stop at Starbucks! I did not realize they could be used with cardmaking and scrapbooking. THANKS for the idea!!!!