Tuesday, May 26, 2009

MYSTERY MATERIAL MONDAY!...but...it's really Tuesday

Good morning....
I hope that you all had a great holiday w/family & friends.

This is the LAST Mystery Material Monday! I am posting the card and what you have to do is NAME WHAT AREA I USED THE MATERIAL and YOU MUST NAME WHAT YOU THINK THAT MATERIAL IS. The WINNER of this challenge will receive 8 MONOGRAMED NOTECARDS made by me! Good Luck and thanks for stopping by!

Kimba :)


mitch1066 said...

These are hard!!!Oh well i'm going to go nuts and guess the blue rose picture is actually from a kleenex box??

happyone said...

Boy Kimba you sure are keeping us on our toes.
I think the rose layer is a recycled store boughten greeting card.
You sure are doing well with your green effort. Go Girl Go!
Thanks for the challenge Sheila

Marlene W said...

i am going to say the background paper ( blue rose) is from a kleenex box.i think i'm way off again but it sure is fun trying to guess.
Marlene from NY

Tina said...

Well I am going to guess too! But something different than the others :)
I think the item you used is under the butterfly. I think it is the sticky glue spots used when there is a sample attached to a bottle or item ..Thanks for the Mystery challenge!

Christina B. said...

I am going to guess the rose background, I think it came from a greeting card.
I am not a blog hopper very much. I did come across your blog from another, and like the idea of your GO GREEN! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Kimba's Kreations said...

Thanks Christina B for stopping by and please, continue to visit when you can.

Christina B. said...

Thank you!!! I have added your blog to my FAVORITES list :)

Ree-Ree said...

I think your butterfly and other purple paper is recycled paper. maybe? Rita