Monday, December 14, 2009

Merriest Wishes

Hello everyone....
I know, I's been a longgggg time. Alot of things have been going on from me losing my camera at Radion City Music Hall at their Christmas Show, to my laptop dying, and then my scanner dying as well. When it pours! So, I guess you know what I have on my list to Santa....a new digital camera, new scanner, and new laptop....not in that order...LOL! I was able to borrow a scanner from a friend who has two, but boy, scanning a card is so different from actually taking a picture. You lose the dimension and charater of the card. But in any case, I decided to scan all the cards that I have been creating and when Santa brings me my new camera on the 25th, I will take all new photos....I have been a very "nice" girl this year...(wink)

Here's my card for today. I hope you like. I would love to hear and see all the projects and card you have been making lately. Thanks again for stopping by!!!

Kimba :)

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