Friday, January 21, 2011

Scrapbook Paper - Thinking outside the box....

Hello and Happy Friday!!!

I have been so looking forward to this weekend and here in NYC we just finished having 3-7 inches of snow - literally...the snow topped about 5 minutes ago - and you know what....I love snow just like the next one, but I am sooooo "snowed out"!  We didn't even get rid of the last snow storms snow and now there is snow on top of snow...LOL!!!  HOLY MOLY....but my kids are lovin' it!!!!

In any case, today's card is one of a set o cards that I have made.  I want to share a tip about the focus point on the card today that I am so excited about.  I sure wished (hind-sight is 20/20 now) I have taken a picture first...okay let me tell you my tip.  For this card, the DREAM BOAT picture was actually a piece of scrapbook paper that had 24 various Valentine's/Lovey Dovey stuff on it.  So, what I did was cut up each rectangle, created a mat, added foam dots and stamped a word sentiment.  I am going to show you two more card that I created - see below. 

I got this paper from Michael's and it was the LAST sheet, but I am on a mission to try and find more, and if I do, I will definitely post a pic.  And...because all the work was this great paper, I was able to create this card lickety split!...LOL!

Well, I hope you like the cards and that you will begin to look at your scrapbook paper in a different way-using the elements on the paper as focal points is an easy way to be able to create quickly as well as having beautiful results.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!
Kimba :)

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