Wednesday, September 1, 2010

HAPPY September 1st to YOU!!!!

Hello and Happy September 1st,

As promised, Kimba's Kreations is back and I am so happy about it! As you may have noticed (I hope you have) the blog has had a "face lift". We had to look good for our "coming out/back" party...LOL!! I hope you like what you see.

But, let's get right to what you came here to see: CARDS! CARDS! and more CARDS! And without further ado, here's is today's card. I really enjoyed making this card because I have a love for all things butterfly!! Butterfly stamps is the image that I have the most of. Everytime I see a butterfly stamp, I just have to buy it. Hey, that maybe a great theme to do for a week -hmmmm... gotta chuck that away in the idea file.

I hope you like the card and the one thing that I really liked about making this is that this is a card that you could "mass make". All you would need is pattern paper, circle punch, and your favorite butterfly stamp. You could do an assembly line to create this and of course your favorite sentiment.

As promised, the HOW-TO instructions are listed below as well as the supply list in the LABLES FOR THIS POST section. If you have any questions, please, ask away....and don't forget to leave me some love in your comments!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by!
Kimba :)

HOW-TO Instructions
Step 1: Base card measure 4.25 x 5.5 (WHITE)
Step 2: 2nd Layer measures 4 x 5.25 (PATTERN PAPER) - adhere this to the card
Step 3: Punch out Circle and then stamp the butterfly image onto circle. Adhere to the card.
Step 4: Stamp butterfly image onto white cardstock. Color butterfly. Cut out and adhere it to the stamp butterfly image on the circle. Bend wings a little to add deminsion and give the illusion that the butterfly is flying.
Step 5: Stamp word sentiment at the bottom of card

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